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Next course: Spring 2020

Previous course: 4 - 8 November 2019 (22th edition)


perClass BV office, Molengraaffsingel 12, 2629JD, Delft, The Netherlands

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Is this the course for me?

The perClass course is designed for specialists that use machine learning as a tool. Basic knowledge of statistical concepts and Matlab scripting is useful. On the other hand, in every course, we have also welcomed participants having expert skills and often holding a PhD in machine learning or a similar field. As you can read on the testimonial page, this unique mix of diverse expertise among participants adds to the creative atmosphere that supports sharing and learning.

Is this course only explaining how to use perClass software?

No. The course is designed as general. We only use Matlab/perClass for exercises to demonstrate the concepts. Some of the companies, repeatedly send us R&D specialists for the training yet do not purchase perClass software (see testimonials)


The teaching staff, Dr. Pavel Paclik and Dr. Carmen Lai, have extensive experience with design of industrial machine learning solutions in different application areas, and rich academic and teaching background at Delft Technical University.


The course fee includes:

30% discount is applicable for course participants purchasing perClass Toolbox within one month after the course.

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