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September 26, 2018

WHISPERS/SpectroExpo event in Amsterdam

perClass sponsored SpectroExpo event, part of WHISPERS conference on hyperspectral imaging in Amsterdam. It was a great opportunity to meet both our industrial partners and users of spectral imaging systems.

We have presented our perClass Mira user interface and did direct sessions with spectral cubes of the participants. This lead to several interesting results on plastic separation and remote-sensing. perClass Mira was also used in demos of our partners. Imec has demonstrated classification of images from Snapscan cameras in both VNIR and SWIR versions. Cubert has shown real-time spectral imaging with live classification.

At our stand, we demonstrated scanning spectral images with Specim IQ camera from SpectraPartners, out Benelux distributor and their direct interpretation with perClass Mira.

We would like to thank to the organizers for this great event!

perClass stand
WHISPERS conference and SpectraExpo demonstriations
Imec demo showing perClass Mira (top) started from HSIViewer (bottom) to develop classification model on SWIR image of black textiles
Specim IQ hyperspectral camera
Classification of the spectral image from IQ camera (transparent overlay of model decisions over band image)
lab session on image interpretation