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October 27, 2021

Vision Stuttgart 2021

Happy to share impressions from the VISION show! After a long time of on-line meetings, we had once again a great in-person fair in Stuttgart, Germany. We experienced three days packed with valuable encounters and exchanges with our customers, partners and colleagues.

We are very proud of progress perClass has made since the last VISION in 2018.

perClass stand showing live spectral imaging at VISION Stuttgart

We run two live demos on our stand. The first with on-line brix (sugar) estimation in grapes using Inno-spec RedEye line-scan system. This demonstrates our progress in food quality use-case estimating robust regression models and deploying the solution to live data stream. Next to the RedEye system was also the AI Gateway from Pleora - the industrial embedded computer integrated with perClass Mira Runtime technology. It can be used to deploy solutions to any GeniCam compliant spectral camera and offers on-board customization and actuator triggering.

In our second demo, we showed the brand new hyperspectral video camera from Cubert - the Ultris5 running live classification on its release day! In the video below, you can see separation of almonds and shells using perClass Mira. The classification model runs via perClass Mira Runtime deployed in Cubert Utils application.

Finally, we had a unit of a new hyperspectral camera HERA from Nireos based on Fourier spectroscopy:

HERA hyperspectral camera from Nireos


This year we were located just next to our partner Headwall Photonics. It was great to see how Headwall demonstrated the entire process from building models to live deployment in their industrial MV.X hyperspectral system. The inference was running live in the on-board embedded computer of the MV.X unit.

Full setup with perClass Mira GUI for modeling and MV.X integrated camera with on-board processing


Our partner Senop has demonstrated live acquisition and processing from their Senop HSC-2 camera to perClass Mira. Interesting aspect of the Senop technology is that the user may freely select only specific bands in the 500-900mnm range. This allows to start understanding your problem using hundreds of narrow bands in a hyperspectral fashion and deploy high-speed with only few needed bands (multi-spectral). The demo shows separation of organic and un-organic material.

Laser2000 / Resonon

Our partner Laser2000 showed perClass Mira GUI acquiring and processing data from Resonon hyperspectral line-scan. This setup was also illustrating how to trigger anactuator. perClass Mira was detecting objects in the live stream. The information on object positions, sizes and classes was sent over a serial line to a microcontroller triggering corresponding action in the setup - light indicator corresponding to the class.

Laser2000 demo showing live processing from Resonon Hyperspectral camera
Resonon hyperspectral camera and a moving stage

See you at next VISION 4-6 October 2022!

The next VISION show will take place already next year! Hope to see you there! Stay healthy.