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September 14, 2018

RECENDT researchers use perClass Mira to evaluate new mid-infrared hyperspectral scanner

The research team of RECENDT has published prrogress on their new mid-infrared hypespectral scanner illustrating material separation using perClass Mira

Reference: J.Kilgus, R.Zimmerleiter, K.Duswald, F.Hinterleitner, G.Langer and M.Brandstetter, Applications of a novel low-cost hyperspectral imaging setupoperating in the mid-infrared region, in proc.of EUROSENSOR 2018 conference,  Graz, Austria, 9-12 September 2018

Abstract: In this contribution we demonstrate the realization and application of a low-cost, flexible, small  and  fast  hyperspectral  imaging  sensor  operating  in  the  molecular  fingerprint  region where most molecules exhibit their fundamental vibrations. Hereby the recording of chemical images of macroscopic-sized samples at standoff distancesin reflection geometry is possible. The presented approach is based on spectral identification by means of a MEMS-based Fabry-Pérot interferometer combined  with  2D-snapshot  spatial  resolution usinga  bolometer  camera.  Results  show  the successful spatially resolved (resolution below 500 μm) chemical identification of different samples deposited on a metal surface (6x5cm) at distances of 35cm.