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December 14, 2018

Live demo of plastic detection in food processing at Agri&Food 2018

This week, we presented live demo of plastic contamination detector at Agri&Food Tech event in Den Bosch, The Netherlands. In the demo, perClass Mira was used to design and execute live detection of foreign objects in food product, invisible to naked human eye, using Specim FX17 camera.

We have used Specim FX17 camera providing data in the VNIR spectral range from 900-1700nm. We trained statistical classification models in perClass Mira GUI and then deployed the model on live spectral data stream (using all 224 bands per pixel). The plastic pieces, invisible to naked human eye, were detected and their coordinates reported - this would be a typical output of the processing module providing info the actuator units for contamination removal. The demo run on a laptop at 5-6 ms per frame which is a speed sufficient for many common processes in food industry. This was a joint demo between perClass BV and SpectraPartners BV, our Benelux distributor.

It was really nice to speak with many professionals from different areas of Agri&Food production about possible applications of spectral imaging and machine learning automation! Also great to meet number of our customers and partners at this local event. Thanks to organizers for a great event!

Live detection of plastic contamination in food product using spectral imaging
Screenshot of perClass Mira showing live spectral data processed by statistical model. Note the speed measurement on the left, plastic detections in (false color) red with the center of gravity cross-markers for picking
Our spectral imaging demo setup at the Agri&Food tech event
Spectral camera with moving tray and live data processing with perClass Mira