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February 8, 2024

PhotonicsWest 2024 show

Traditionally, perClass has presented its products together with Headwall at the PhotonicsWest show in San Francisco. We have demonstrated power of live NIR spectral imaging peeked through a product packaging and classifying textiles.

This year, Headwall Group was represented at the PhotonicsWest show by three stands: The joint Headwall-perClass stand, Holographix booth showing advanced optical components technology and Inno-spec, the latest member of the group.

Hedawall-perClass team at the PhotonicsWest 2024 show

Textile classification demo

At the Hedwall-perClass stand, we demonstrated live textile classification using Headwall MV.C NIR sensor mounted on perClass Mira Stage.

Live textile classification using MV.C NIR hyperspectral sensor on perClass Mira Stage

Different dark textiles can be easily separated in near-infrared range. The demo was also showing live object segmentation and classification in continuous spectral data stream. Although the demo runs slow, the simultaneous acquisition and processing of spectral data can now run in production lines at the blazing speed of 2m/sec.

perClass Mira Stage was also demonstrated at the Hamamatsu booth as one of their industrial demos with their latest NIR sensor.

perClass Mira Stage demonstrating new Hamamatsu NIR sensor technology

Peeking through paper packaging with snapshot spectral imaging

perClass traditionally brings different spectral imaging demos showing both line-scanning and snapshot spectral image interpretation. This year, we have shown Imec SWIR snapshot camera operating in 900-1700nm range. With this sensor, we are able to distinguish paper sachets filled with sugar from the empty ones.

Detecting sugar through paper packaging using Imec SWIR snapshot camera in perClass Mira

Detecting empty (red) and sugar-containing packaging with Imec SWIR snapshot in perClass Mira