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November 11, 2019

perClass training course nov 2019

Last week we had our Autumn Applied Machine Learning course in Delft. We had a great group of eight enthusiastic participants coming from as far as South Africa. Traditionally, many diverse application areas from mineral sorting, hyperspectral tissue characterization, remote sensing tree species classification, automotive, predictive maintenance, food authentication and plant biology.

Throughout the whole week, we discussed practical methodology of building robust machine learning solutions. We engaged in intensive hands-on exercises on both provided and custom data sets of the participants. Because five of the participants work with hyperspectral data, not only perClass Toolbox but also perClass Mira GUI was used in hands-on sessions.

We would like to thank to the participants for stimulating discussions, sharing their experiences and overall positive atmosphere!

Applied Machine Learning training course in Delft
Cancer tissue classification in a hyperspectral image using perClass Mira
Participants of the November 2019 perClass course in Delft