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June 7, 2018

perClass Mira gains a lot of attention at Chii2018 Hyperspectral imaging workshop

We have participated in the Chii 2018 hyperspectral imaging workshop in Graz, Austria. Happy to share huge amount of interest in our perClass Mira user interface.

Our life demo and a talk stirred a lot of discussions and interaction with our customers, industrial end-users, researchers, camera manufacturers and system integrators. Thanks for all the feedback. 

Our partner Cubert, manufacturer of real-time spectral imaging devices, presented a complete work-flow designing a classifier for herb separation in perClass Mira and directly deploying it to Cubert Touch application showing a live spectral video feed classified in real-time. 

perClass video session showed by our partner company Cubert: Herb classification
Cubert presentation showing real-time spectral video classifying spices/herbs using perClass Mira model exported for deployment