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March 13, 2023

perClass Mira 4.2 and perClass Stage released

Happy to announce availability of perClass Mira 4.2 release brining simpler acquisition and full support for perClass Stage lab-scanning kit

After significant development, we're happy to introduce two new perClass products! The first is a major update to perClass Mira software - the 4.2 release. The second is our new portable lab-scanning kit called perClass Stage. Within few minutes, it enables anyone to setup spectral image scanning without tools and to acquire high quality data. The stage supports number of spectral sensors, both line-scans and snapshots.

perClass Mira 4.2

perClass Mira 4.2 release brings number of important new functionalities and usability improvements apparent to its users from the moment the application starts. All new Quick Start dialog allows the user to specify preferred project and camera types. The new Camera and Image modes provide one-click transition between live data acquisition and state-of-the-art off-line modeling.

This release makes it significantly easier to acquire good quality scans and build robust models. Among many acquisition improvements, we would like to emphasize auto-exposure, focus and square pixel tools simplifying the scanning setup. In order to easier evaluate classification and regression models, the new Cross-validation tool simplifies repeated training/test sessions. Apart of standard rotation, randomization or leave-one-out schemes over images, it also supports practical work-flows based on replicas (multiple measurements of the same physical sample) or product varieties.

For more information, check the Release Notes.

Screenshot of perClass Mira showing new acquisition and stage integration

perClass Stage

perClass Stage is a portable lab-scanning solution with halogen lights and support for multiple sensors. In its first iteration, it supports Headwall MV.C and MV.X product lines and any sensors with standard mount, such as Cubert Ultris, Imec Mosaic and Imec SWIR, Silios and Unispectral Monarch. More camera holders (both line-scans and snapshots) are currently under development.

The stage can be easily transported in a rugged bag, setup without tools in few minutes and is fully integrated with perClass Mira software. The stage operation can be controlled by user-programmable buttons. Therefore, it may serve not only as a data acquisition equipment for experts but also as a lab-processing tool for quality specialists without spectroscopy training.

perClass Stage with Headwall MV.C VNIR hyperspectral camera

A walk-through example of using perClass Stage with Headwall MV.C VNIR hyperspectral camera can be found in the documentation.