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November 12, 2018

perClass at VISION Stuttgart trade fair

Last week, we have participated in the world's largest machine vision show in Stuttgart, Germany. perClass got a significant attention from industrial practitioners, system integrators, distributors and camera manufacturers.

This was the fifth VISION show for perClass and we are happy to say, the most exciting one. We have seen a strong interest in our easy-to-use tools for user-guided interpretation of spectral images. Our live demonstration of perClass Mira user interface allowed visitors to experience quick design of classification solutions and their rapid validation on new scans.

Our partners demonstrated three live integrations of perClass Mira at the VISION show.

Solpi, system integrator of spectral imaging solutions from Spain, was showing real-time material classification driven by perClass. Their demo was based on Photonfocus camera with 25 spectral bands between 600 and 975nm. Solutions defined in perClass Mira were directly run on a live spectral video stream. In this way, visitors could experience a rapid turn-around between model creation and model validation and deployment.

Imec, the manufacturer of CMOS-based hyperspectral spectral sensors, was showing their SNAPSCAN cameras (both VNIR and SWIR range) with perClass Mira integration. Spectral scans can be directly loaded in perClass Mira, and models can be built using automatic machine learning. The solutions are then deployed directly into the Imec HSViewer application.

Cubert, the pioneer in real-time spectral imaging, was demonstrating their FireflEYE S185 camera with 125 channels on spice classification demonstrator.

We also had an opportunity to update ourselves on the latest developments in spectral imaging field and to measure ourselves against our competition. Happy to share we're comparing really well with our super-easy-to-use product, unique high quality classification results, fast and proven deployment technology and very competitive pricing.

Thanks to all our existing customers, visitors and partners for a great show!

perClass at the VISION 2018 Stuttgart show
perClass stand with a hands-on demo of perClass Mira
SOLPI live demo setup with perClass Mira and Photonfocus spectral camera
SOLPI stand and live demo were drawing a lot of attention at the VISION show in
Live classification using Cubert spectral camera and perClass Mira
Cubert live demo classifying dry spices (perClass classifier processing live spectral video stream on the screen)
Cubert stand at the VISION Stuttgart show
Imec SNAPSCAN SWIR and VNIR cameras with perClass Mira GUI for image interpretation
Imec demonstrator of perClass Mira (on the left) with SNAPSCAN VNIR and SWIR cameras and dark textile/medical pills samples