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February 12, 2020

Live perClass Mira demos at PhotonicsWest 2020

perClass got a lot of attention at the last week PhotonicsWest show. Five of our partners were running live demos of perClass Mira with their spectral cameras. Several new hardware products were introduced together with their perClass integration. We had a great time in San Francisco!

Live product demos including perClass Mira at PhotnicsWest 2020:

Pleora "AI Gateway"

We have announced technological partnership with Pleora at the show. It brings integration of perClass runtime technology into the "AI Gateway" edge computing platform in vision applications.

This video shows a live demo where coating defects of white pills are classified by perClass Mira model running on the AI Gateway device:

Headwall MV.X industrial platform

Headwall Photonics introduced a new industrial camera platform MV.X. The compact device in IP67 enclosure embeds not only high resolution spectral line-scan (400-1000nm) but also on-board processing capability integrating perClass Mira runtime technology. This allows the users to configure and deploy real-time sorting solutions literally in minutes. The solution was demonstrated live in a conveyor belt system, processing diverse types of materials at 250fps:

Inno-spec new RedEye NIR industrial camera

Inno-spec has unveiled their new generation of the RedEye NIR camera. The live demos also demonstrate live acquisition of data stream into perClass Mira GUI from a GigE device. This solution extends the live acquisition functionality to any standard-compliant line-scan Genicam device.

perClass live product sorting demo

In this demo at perClass stand, we demonstrated real-world sorting task of separating nuts and shells. After classification, objects were extracted and their coordinates, bounding boxes and sizes displayed. This information is provided also from perClass Mira Runtime embedded in an industrial computer such as Pleora "AI Gateway" visible on the table. Machine builders are using this setup to build sorting algorithms without programming and address all data processing and deployment steps until actuators.

Cubert ULTRIS lightfield snapshot camera

Cubert ULTRIS real-time lightfield spectral camera at PhotonicsWest 2020

Cubert has demonstrated its recently released snapshot ULTRIS camera based on lightfield technology, It provides 400x400 spatial pixels with 106 spectral bands for each device readout. As a true snapshot, it can be used for capturing spectral information of moving scenes. Classification of user-defined classes in the scene was configured using perClass Mira. Models were applied in real-time to the spectral data stream directly from Cubert Touch user interface using perClass runtime technology.

perClass stand at PhotonicsWest 2020. Happy to present four new hardware products integrating perClass technology.