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February 15, 2019

Live demo at EPRISE Photonics Road-show in Amsterdam

We have given a live demo of perClass Mira processing hyperspectral data at the EPRISE event in Amsterdam.

This video shows live acquisition of hyperspectral data from Specim FX10 camera and processing using the model clicked in perClass Mira. We detect different types of products such as nuts and pasta and also contaminants such as nut shells and plastic. The demo was organized together with SpectraPartners, our distributor in Benelux.

Demo setup with Specim FX10 camera connected over GigE interface to perClass Mira running on a laptop.
Screen of perClass Mira doing live acquisition from FX10 camera. Note the red bar on the top - this is the white standard which is (correctly) classified as plastic although it was not included in the training. At the left side, you can see the per-frame speed of the classifier (3ms) and of the camera acquisition (fixed to 80 fps)
Discussions at our demo booth.
EPRISE meeting was a great opportunity for discussions and catching up with colleagues, partners and customers.
Beautiful venue of Tropenmuseum Amsterdam.