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May 10, 2022

Live acquisition from Unispectral Monarch II camera

Happy to announce the launch of perClass Mira 4.0 including support for Unispectral Monarch II camera.

perClass Mira 4.0 brings full support for live acquisition from Unispectral Monarch II camera

Unispectral / perClass joint press release


Thetwo companies now provide the Monarch™®II mobile Multispectral Camera with the perClass Mira™®control and analytical software. The integrated system immediately retrievesactionable insights for many agriculture, industrial and medical applications.

Delft,The Netherlands, Tel Aviv, Israel, April 2022. perClass and Unispectral today debut the fruit of their collaborative design of a fully independent NIR multispectral capturing and analysis solution. The Unispectral Monarch II camera + perClass Mira analytics, allows the capturing and modeling of any multispectral cubes and immediately outputs actionable insights. During thepast year, the system has been tested in outdoor field trials, in particular for precision agriculture applications. Further use-cases of this solution are suitable for industrial applications and set-ups such as sorting automation and fault control.

Dr.Pavel Paclik, co-founder and CEO of perClass BV said, “The combination of Monarch II and perClass Mira is a fully integrated Infra-Red capturing and Analysis system that allows our customers to build their own automatic diagnostics, sorting, alerting or control platforms, in a very short and easy process, with no need for modeling and programing skills. The very low camera price point, an order of magnitude lower than currently available sensors, will enable many applications so far not accessible to spectral imaging technology.”

The acclaimed perClass Mira analytical model gained an extra control panel that allows a direct, full operation of the Monarch II camera. Captured images can be analyzed on the fly for immediate decision making or automated process control or processed for a later scientific and research applications.

Mr.Ariel Raz, Unispectral’s Co-founder and CEO said, “Our revolutionary small and low cost NIR multispectral camera now receives a powerful applicative layer. Together, the two companies bring to the market a comprehensive, easy to use, analytical solution. This combination removes the barrier of spectral application in terms of needed know-how, resources, and time. Solution developers can get very fast feedback for prototyping purposes and move quickly to production.

The Monarch II camera can be operated directly from the perClass Mira when connected to the computer. It can also capture images in the field while connected to an Android device. Images can be downloaded for processing to the perClass Mira, running on a Windows PC.

The Monarch II / perClass Mira bundle will be available from both companies as a fully functional system and as an EVK for further testing and development.

About perClass: Since 2008, perClass has been providing software for design and production deployment of machine learning and spectral imaging solutions. It is used in the most demanding applications, such as food quality control, industrial sorting, medical diagnostics or traffic accident detection.

The perClass Mira user-interface radically simplifies interpretation of spectral images. Within minutes users can create sophisticated classification solutions without machine learning expertise or programming. perClass runtime technology enables GPU accelerated real-time deployment in custom applications in both PC and edge computing scenarios. perClass and perClass Mira are registered trademarks of perClass BV. Find out more at

For more information: Dr.Pavel Paclik, +31 648060368

About Unispectral: Founded in 2016,Unispectral is a pioneer in spectral imaging. The company provides a revolutionary array of products and solutions for capturing spectral NIR images, based on the proven tunable Fabry–Pérot technology.

Unispectral HQ is in Tel Aviv, Israel, with subsidiary in China. For more information visit:

For more information: Dan Dariel / / +972 542288045