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July 9, 2018

Joint demo at WUR Summerschool of plant Phenotyping

Together with SpectraPartners, distributor of Specim spectral cameras, we have given a joint demo at Wageningen WUR Summerschool of plant phenotyping. Participants could see spectral image acquisition and interpretation in minutes without programming.

We had two spectral imaging systems running, namely the FX17e camera acquiring the range from 950 to 1700nm (push-broom) and a hand-held IQ camera for the VNIR 400-1000nm. We have demonstrated how to directly interpret spectral images using perClass Mira. There was a lot discussion on types of applications in plant phenotyping, namely disease detection, segmentation of parts in plants, seeds and embryos, and detection of impurities (nut shells, stones, wood) when sorting.

Thanks to all participants!

Specim FX17 camera with natural objects (nuts, shells, grapes, stones)
Specim IQ camera acquiring static scene with grapes and leaves
Interpreting spectral images with perClass Mira