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February 15, 2024

FruitLogistica show

Last week, we demonstrated non-destructive fruit quality estimation at the FruitLogistica fair in Berlin.

At perClass stand, we showed apple quality estimation with dual spectral imaging system comprising Headwall MV.C VNIR and NIR sensors. Quality of apples was estimated in a simple operator interface accumulating data over a long scanning session. We have demonstrated the complete perClass Mira Stage package with tightly integrated hardware, software and sensors. Visitors could see user-friendly design of quality estimation models from large data sets for different crops including apples, strawberries, blueberries, oranges etc.

perClass Mira Stage with dual spectral sensor setup estimating firmness of apples.
perClass, Headwall and Inno-spec team together at FruitLogistica

We have very much enjoyed discussions with many experts across the entire fruit handling chain, from growers, storage specialists, quality personnel, to machine integrators, spectroscopists, to post-harvest academic researchers. It was really great to meet number of our partners and customers at the fair as well!

Discussions at the FruitLogistica fair
Fresh fruit at the FruitLogistica fair