perClass Mira use-cases

Separating dark textiles

Dark textiles can be sorted based on spectral imaging (Imec SWIR SNAPSCAN)

Dark textiles (cotton, polyester, viscose, wool and acrylic) can be separated using perClass Mira and Imec SNAPSCAN SWIR sensor

Spectral image of dark plastics acquired using Imec SNAPSCAN camera in SWIR range
Labels defined by the user in perClass Mira GUI
Classification of dark textile in recycling using perClass Mira and Imec SNAPSCAN SWIR camera
Decisions of the automatically constructed model on the entire scan.
Decisions of perClass Mira model exported to Imec HSI Viewer environment using perClass Runtime
Executing the classification model exported from perClass Mira to Imec HSIViewer GUI.