perClass BV Mission

Our mission it to empower industry to leverage machine learning technology. We provide state-of-the-art software tools helping professionals around the world to quickly design and deploy solutions based on machine learning. We offer training courses for R&D specialists and consulting services centered around our software tools.

Company history

perClass BV is a spin off of TU Delft, founded by Dr.Pavel Paclik in 2006 (as PR Sys Design) to bring the results of state-of-the-art pattern recognition research to industrial practitioners and researchers. perClass BV is fully privately funded. Initial focus on consulting and contracting services led to development of a powerful suite of in-house software tools. The result of this continuing effort is the perClass software package, publicly available since 2008. The software was originally called PRSD Studio, the 3.0 release in 2011 became perClass. The company provides consulting and training services centered around perClass software.
Over the years, perClass has been used to detect cancer, sort rocks and minerals, detect traffic accidents in tunnels, process luggage at the airport or find surface defects in steel production. Our training course have been attended by participants from 16 countries. It is regarded by many participants as a unique practically-oriented machine learning course on the market.